Let’s Say Hello to More Dream Fit Clients on Social

Undercover Fangirl Messaging Report

**A MUST before hiring a social media manager!**

This is where empathy-based marketing starts! Whether you’re looking to boost launch results, create a new offer or simply get started with your marketing, your messaging report will help turn your audience into besties who are the right fit AND ready to convert. No more convincing people to buy during launch windows.

We’ll conduct 3-7 client interviews, analyze the data + distill it into crystal clear messaging you can use across your marketing. We can even craft email + social content for you!

Investment: $4000. Turnaround time: 2 weeks

“My favorite part of working with Mary is not only her ability to problem solve + troubleshoot. She listens + looks at the situation from all angles. And she’s very positive + fun-loving, too!” 


Nail Professional, Hair Formations Salon + Spa

Content Marketing Restyle™

More than a gold nugget digger, approach your existing (+ new!) content with the strategic focus of a kitten on catnip hunting a laser pointer through the kitchen.

We’ll repackage your existing goldmine of content from a research-based perspective so that dream-fit customers land on your sales pages pretty much ready to buy. Your existing goldmine of content becomes premium social media to get more eyes + ears on your videos, podcast or blog. Then convert those eyeballs + ears into email subscribers who turn into paid customers!

Are you new to content marketing? We’ll help you create + implement your strategy from scratch so that dream clients find you early in their client journey.

Investment: Starts at $1200 per piece of pillar content. Research not included

Fangirl For A Week

Jump the queue + transform your stacks of notes, half-written captions, random photos + social media marketing anxiety into audience-building rocket fuel.

Whether you’re confounded by hashtags or paralyzed by captions, we’ll prioritize your most pressing social media challenge, take those random (or non-existent) parts of social media content + Frankenstein seamlessly merge them into coherent, branded posts that speak directly to your dream clients in one week.

Investment: $2300 one-time fee

19 Minute IG Sales DIY Promo Planner

Get outta your head + start selling more on Instagram. In less than 20 minutes a day, take your audience through an entire promo without overthinking or feeling sleazy. Includes printable planner + BONUS Airtable promo planner template 🚀

Great for you if:

✅ You’re comfortable posting on Instagram or other social platforms
✅ You want to sell more but feel uncomfortable or unsure
✅ You want to help more people even though you don’t have it all planned out

Investment: $19

Full Service Social Media Styling

Save at least 20 hours a month + post consistent content with videos, photos, carousels that deliver your customized social media styling strategy, published without you having to lift a finger.

  • Research-based content strategy so that customers are ready to buy when they finally get to your sales page
  • Captions that read on-brand + invite engagement
  • Graphics that entertain, educate + promote your products strategically
  • Stories to increase engagement
  • Nourish the algorithm with the right content
  • Reporting that tracks the RIGHT numbers for your biz

Investment: Starts at $1500/month. 6 month minimum engagement