Go From 😒 to 🥳 About Your Small Business Social Media

Even if you don’t know what the heck to post (or how to get the pics, vids, captions, etc…)

…and get consistent leads with energy-efficient social media for even the most awkward, introverted or just-plain-too-busy service providers

Social media marketing has been on your to-do list for so long that when you log into Instagram, you have to recover your password.

Again. For the 8th time.

I know that paralyzing moment you’ve been avoiding.

You’re trying to figure out what to share. So you scroll through your camera roll for inspiration. This decision alone feels alarming. Urgent. Like the time you realized you hit “reply all” on that work email.

And the right words to articulate what you’re good at + how much you care dance on the tip of your brain, juuust out of reach.

I get it. You’re a badass service provider who likes to be in the action of your business. You’re the face of your company and your customers love to refer you by name.

You’re too busy WOWing your clients to create memes or scroll Instagram, even if it does get you new clients.

A light skinned person with pink nails holds a phone and a coffee cup. You see an IG grid and black coffee from their perspective.

And you’re definitely ready to get social media lead generation off your to-do list so you can bring in more clients + do what you do best: serve them.

With 65% of businesses enjoying new leads from social media marketing*, that makes you one smart cookie!

And we’re here to help you stop feeling paralyzed by random photos + blank caption screens.

“I really value the time that Mary put into learning The Barre Code brand so that she could successfully represent the brand to the public.”


Owner + Instructor, The Barre Code

Relax + kick back with social media that charms clients
(+ sounds just like you wrote it!)


An Asian woman with long, blue hair holds her finger up in a moment of epiphany. Her other hand holds a phone

Our Social Media Styling clients have experienced:

⚡ 20+ hours back per month

⚡️ Accountability to show up in ways that nourish the algorithm (aka videooo)

⚡ A whole month’s worth of on-brand, personalized posts with only 1-2 hour of hands-on time

⚡ Writing to more email subscribers instead of stressing over creating trendy content that doesn’t feel quite right

⚡ Peace of mind knowing exactly what’s going to be posted + when – without having to do it yourself

⚡ A measurable return on investment because we track metrics that matter, like email list growth, launch sales + membership sign ups

Say Hello To More Dream Clients On Social


Save at least 20 hours a month + post consistent content with videos, photos, carousels that deliver your customized social media styling strategy, published without you having to lift a finger.

  • Captions that read on-brand + invite engagement
  • Graphics that entertain, educate + promote your products strategically
  • Stories to increase engagement


If you’re here, you probably have an amazing solution for your clients. Selling is how you invite them to experience it. It’s how you can help them feel better, even if it’s just helping them to make a decision.

We can help you make the offer in a respectful, non-sleazy way with organic, Instagram campaigns. We can also complement your full launch with targeted content + enhanced profile moderation.

Content Marketing Restyle™

We’ll repackage your existing goldmine of content into premium social media to get more eyes + ears on your videos, podcast or blog. Then convert those eyeballs + ears into email subscribers who turn into paid customers!

Are you new to content marketing? We’ll help you create + implement your strategy from scratch so that dream clients find you in the early stages of their client journey.

An Asian woman with long, blue hair holds her finger up in a moment of epiphany. Her other hand holds a phone

Suosdey! I'm Mary 👋

She/her. Beauty industry advocate, British sitcom quoter + fangirl for hire. I believe the best social media marketing -- the profitable kind that doesn't drain your energy even if you're an introvert, awkward, or just plain too-busy -- starts with empathy + research.