Howly Parker! đź‘‹ I’m Mary

she/her. Beauty industry advocate, British sitcom quoter + fangirl for hire. My favorite juice is the creative adrenaline kind that pumps when I’m helping kickass service providers connect with their dream-fit clients online.

Reach Dream Fit Clients on Instagram… Faster

Even for the most awkward, introverted, or just plain too-busy business owner.

Celebration is at the (unicorn hair wand) core of everything I do.

As a Lit major in college, I loved tackling a wacky thesis. Secret bonus points if I could tie in a wizarding reference. Depending on the professor, the argument could get Monty Pythonian levels of absurd.

Post-grad, I Forrest Gumped my way through a thriving beauty business – even though it took me 8 years to get good at nails. My waitlist was packed for the same reason I graduated with honors with a paper on Harry Potter* fan fiction:

Like a smitten little sister, I genuinely celebrate my idols clients when we’re together.

That’s how my team + I make social media marketing EASY for smart, passionate service providers like you. Our work lets you concentrate on delivering your gifts during the content creation process. Which helps to eliminate stage fright, keep you focused on your clients + save you dozens of hours per month.

Having gone from self-conscious on social to obsessed social brand builder, I believe that social media marketing should be fun, profitable + energy-efficient for even the most introverted, awkward or just plain too-busy service providers.

There’s nothing I love more.

…in addition to exploring 300-year-old breweries and camping on the Cornish coast. Powerful fangirling is conjured in between tasty pints of cask ale.

“Mary’s got this uncanny ability to really make you feel special. She is legitimately excited to learn more about you and will remember things you’ve said and repeat them back to you. One of the best decisions I ever made was reaching out to her even though I knew I wasn’t an ideal client for her. But she makes me feel like I am.”


Sidekick COO + Virtual Assistant Mentor, Any Old Task

Shared Values + Standards

Curious to see if we’re a good working fit? This is why we do what we do + how we do it.


Our Values


Our work is an important way of expressing ourselves. We breathe life into our work, knowing our creations walk through + contribute to the world.


Our clients are more than just service tickets. We co-create beauty with the individuals who sit in our chair without hierarchy. We are a point of connection for our entire communities + serve as a trusted resource for all kinds of solutions.


There is always more to learn and we welcome lessons from unexpected places. We aren’t afraid to make mistakes + learn from them. We proactively seek answers + question our sources, compensating those who teach us for their labor.


We maintain our own energy instead of waiting for other people to fix it. If we desire to fix other people’s energy or emotions, we trust that ultimately everyone is capable of managing their own shit.

 a woman in blue jeans and a blue shirt stands in front of neon lights. In front her, a phone sits on a tripod for easy recording.

Our Standards

Our work is valuable.

We get juiced thinking about our work living and moving through the world in real time. We deserve to be well compensated for our creations + we get to decide what that means.

We work with possibilities.

We take the seeds of potential from our time together + create something unique with it. We welcome + trust in the creative process.

Our work creates a more just world.

We approach our work with a people-first, anti-oppressive perspective. We center the wellbeing + care of people over systems or profits. We choose our mentors, coaches, and professional partnerships to support equity and solidarity for people of all marginalized identities.

We take accountability for the ways in which our work has been complicit in white supremacy. We commit to dismantling internalized biases that uphold systems of oppression in solidarity with ALL marginalized identities. We welcome conversations on how we can do better.

Slow is smooth and smooth is fast.

Grinding, hustling + burnout are not the ways we grow our businesses. We know what we want and care more about sustainably getting there than how fast we get there. We aren’t afraid to pivot or change our minds as we gather new information along the way.

Say Hello To More Dream Clients On Social


Save at least 20 hours a month + post consistent content with videos, photos, carousels that deliver your customized social media styling strategy, published without you having to lift a finger.

  • Captions that read on-brand + invite engagement
  • Graphics that entertain, educate + promote your products strategically
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If you’re here, you probably have an amazing solution for your clients. Selling is how you invite them to experience it. It’s how you can help them feel better, even if it’s just helping them to make a decision.

We can help you make the offer in a respectful, non-sleazy way with organic, Instagram campaigns. We can also complement your full launch with targeted content + enhanced profile moderation.

Content Marketing Restyle™

We’ll repackage your existing goldmine of content into premium social media to get more eyes + ears on your videos, podcast or blog. Then convert those eyeballs + ears into email subscribers who turn into paid customers!

Are you new to content marketing? We’ll help you create + implement your strategy from scratch so that dream clients find you in the early stages of their client journey.