Transform your social media from a “just add water” pancake mix into freshly glazed mochi donuts

without adding more work to your plate

Want to put your best foot forward on social media but don’t have the time to do it yourself?

Why spend the next year building, testing + implementing  a social media strategy when you could be working on growing your business + serving the clients who find you on social?

Let your biggest fan take care of social media for you with

Full Service Social Media Styling

Whether you’re looking for more qualified clients or trying to up your street industry cred, we’ll help you sweeten your social media so your dream people find you.

Suosdey Studios is fangirl-for-hire, content + social media marketing strategy for client-centric service providers who want to say hello 👋 to new people without compromising their full expression.

Using our signature Content Marketing Restyle™ method, we polish your gold nuggets of genius + stage them in juuust the right place in juuust the right light so that they shine brighter, flow just the way it should + targets your dream clients by using a combination of messaging, editing, content marketing + social media.

“Mary’s got this uncanny ability to really make you feel special. She is legitimately excited to learn more about you and will remember things you’ve said and repeat them back to you. One of the best decisions I ever made was reaching out to her even though I knew I wasn’t an ideal client for her. But she makes me feel like I am.”


Sidekick COO + Virtual Assistant Mentor, Any Old Task

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Our Social Media Styling clients have experienced:

⚡ 20+ hours back per month

⚡️ Accountability to show up in ways that nourish the algorithm (aka videooo)

⚡ A whole month’s worth of on-brand, personalized posts with only 1-2 hour of hands-on time

⚡ Writing to more email subscribers instead of stressing over creating trendy content that doesn’t feel quite right

⚡ Peace of mind knowing exactly what’s going to be posted + when – without having to do it yourself

⚡ A measurable return on investment because we track metrics that matter, like email list growth, launch sales + membership sign ups

Here’s how we roll:

Monthly Planning Session

Like an emo revival meet+greet, we fangirl you to create a social media game plan for the month ahead based on your overall goals + upcoming promo calendar

Automated Posting

It’s business as usual. Rest assured knowing exactly when a whole month’s worth of approved content will be posted + when – without having to do it yourself

Like-You-Said-It Captions

Using low-key stalker psychology-based methods in our intake process, we make sure that your captions speak straight to your dream clients in your brand voice

Branded Graphics + Videos

Our fabulous graphic designer delivers branded graphics + we direct your video/audio content based on your capacity. And we’ll make you look gooood 🤩

Official Fan Club Outreach

If checking your DM’s doesn’t float your boat, let us take care of it for you! We’ll keep your platform clean, respond to comments + alert you of qualified leads


Let’s get started!

I’ve got existing content that I’m ready to repackage into shiny social media

I’m not sure what I need

Book a call to discuss custom strategy + implementation options

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Suosdey! I'm Mary 👋

She/her. Beauty industry advocate, British sitcom quoter + fangirl for hire. I believe the best social media marketing -- the profitable kind that doesn't drain your energy even if you're an introvert, awkward, or just plain too-busy -- starts with empathy + research.

Common Questions About Social Media Styling

Who do you work with?

We happily work with retailers and service providers whether IRL, online or both! We tend to be a good fit for businesses who are slightly obsessed with their client experience.

Fun fact: 90% of our clients are online service providers.

What platforms do you work with?

We love seeding new relationships organically. We do that best on Instagram. We repurpose content to Facebook, Facebook groups, LinkedIn, Pinterest, TikTok, YouTube Shorts + Twitter when appropriate. We get a kick out of creating short form video + love keeping up as social platforms evolve.

We can also repurpose blogs as LinkedIn articles as part of our Content Marketing Restyle™ service.

Can you help make our content more accessible?

Totally! We include open captions on all videos with audio. We add alt text to all photos for people who use screen readers. We also optimize hashtags to be read by screen readers. (Did you know that if you don’t capitalize multi-word hashtags, a screen reader will read a hashtag as a single word? Could be funny or terrifying, but it doesn’t help folks who use screen readers…)

What's the investment?

Social Media Styling packages are customized based on your business’s needs, so pricing varies. Packages start at $1200 per month with a minimum 6 month engagement for sufficient tracking + optimization.

How do we get started?

We’re so excited to meet you! Book a call so we can dig into your goals, challenges, preferences + dream clients. If we decide it’s a good working fit, we’ll share how the team can best help you accompish your goals. Then, we get to work!

Have another question?

Use the button below to book a call + chat about it OR pop it in the chat box in the bottom right corner of this page.